Facetime for PC, iPhone & iPad Download Tutorial

Here in this post we are going to tell you how you can use Facetime for iPhone and iPad. Facetime is an application which enables you to do video calling on your iPhone and iPad devices. This application can only be used with iPhone and iPad devices. Facetime has now become one of the best applications for IOS devices as it has some great features and an easy interface from where you won’t feel any difficulties to operate this application on your IOS devices. So, here are some important steps that how you can use this application on your IOS devices.

Unfortunately Facetime for PC is not available and I think its not going to be available any soon as we can see the current scene of the things. Still, you can use WhatsApp for PC if you are in real need of Messenger.

Requirements- here are some important requirements to use this awesome application.

  1. You should have an iPhone 4 or higher.
  2. You should have iPad 2 or higher.
  3. Mac OS x v10.6.6 or higher version.

These are some of the important requirements that you should match with Facetime application.

facetime for pc

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You should know- while using this facetime application on your wireless connection data charges may apply. And if you are a Mac OS user then you can download this application from Mac app store and for iPhone and iPad users you won’t need to download it as there is no official app for facetime as this application is already built in.

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How to use-

  1. For using facetime you should have an apple ID and password to use facetime application. However if you don’t have one then you get an option of making a new user ID from this application just you have to fill the necessary details and then you are done with it. After getting your apple ID and password you can use your facetime application.
  2. Now open the application.
  3. After opening the application you will see that it asks for your apple id which will be used as your facetime account.
  4. Just below that option you will find add an email option where you have to enter your email.
  5. Just above add an email option there is an option to add your no. from which you can be reached by others.
  6. When you are done with these works now you can add your email addresses and phone no. to your facetime account.
  7. After entering email addresses and phone no. apple verifies the contacts details and the device status. It automatically does that.
  8. Now you can use your facetime application just call up any no. you want but that should be in your facetime account.
  9. For iPad devices you have to use an email address to use this application and for iPhone 4 users you have to use it with phone no. and email addresses.
  10. Just remember one thing that you should have a wireless connection to make calls. And the person you are calling should full fill the requirements as mentioned above.
  11. The other person whom you are making calls should have a wireless connection and should have a facetime account to take calls.
  12. The best feature for this application is that you can switch between camera views you can use both rear and font camera as you like while you are on video call.
  13. You can also save your contacts in facetime and you can also fill up the necessary details of that respective contacts.

So, this was a short overview on how you can use Facetime app. Now you can enjoy it by downloading Facetime for PC.